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Is There a Fungus/Breast Cancer Link?

By Doug Kaufmann of "Know the Cause."
As you may recall, last year I wrote an article about the fungal link to breast cancer. In it, I reported that antibiotics and alcohol had been scientifically linked to breast cancer, and I pointed out the interesting parallel between the two. As the years pass, I believe that science is becoming increasingly convinced that cancer has more to do with germs than spontaneous growth.

Why haven't they yet accepted my fungus germ theory to cancer? In my humble opinion, the problem involves semantics. There are far too many bacteriologists and virologists in human medical research and far too few mycologists (those who study fungi). Most of the mycologists that do exist are limited to studying pond scum and mushrooms and are never called upon to research the cancer-fungus link.

At the risk of confusing you, let me throw out a new word and see how it flows with the rest of this article: pleomorphism. A pleomorphic cell takes on two or more distinct forms during its life cycle.

This means that a simple bacterium may at some time in its life become a virus! Add to that definition the fact that errors occur in laboratories (viral versus bacterial diagnosis) and you have all the makings of a gross misunderstanding of the cause of cancer, if indeed cancer is caused by an infection and it may well be. Consider these facts: a Feline leukemia is caused by a virus; a H. pylori is a bacteria that causes stomach cancer; Hepatitis B is a virus associated with liver cancer; Human papilloma virus causes cervical cancer.

Taking it one small step forward, and understanding that doctors consider fungal infections so irrelevant that they are not even reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), replace the above bulleted words "bacteria" and "viral" with the word "fungus." One small step for semantics, one huge step for mankind! Whereas bacteria and viruses truly do not fit the stereotypical role in cancer, fungi fit perfectly on all counts.

As many of you know, I have documented this phenomenon in a series of books. If breast cancer is infectious, it certainly doesn't follow our present day understanding of the definition of infection. For decades, scientists have argued against the infectious etiology (cause) of cancer, claiming that if it were an infection, it would spread like the common cold. I would argue that the word "infection" is only superficially understood today, just as the word "pleomorphism" is. Understand that while there exist antibiotics and antiviral drugs that absolutely kill infectious agents, the perfect antifungal does not exist, nor will it ever. To kill a fungal cell perfectly is to kill a human cell perfectly. Based on this fact, my interest lies in natural antifungal agents.

How powerful are non-prescriptive therapies? The scientific literature recently stated that the spice cinnamon was more effective than the prescription drug Diflucan in eradicating fungal cells. What an eye-opener that should be for all of us. It is my understanding that a specialized diet and natural supplements can do far more to help protect against breast cancer than anything else offered _

Are you eating your way to breast cancer? What if you found out that if you consume foods such as peanut butter and beef, you might well be eating fungal toxins that could cause breast cancer? Would you change your diet? Would you cleanse your body?

One of the most common hormones used with cattle is zearalone, which is a fungal product whose toxic byproducts cause breast tumors.

Actually, a whole host of foodstuffs contain fungal toxins. Mycotoxins are toxic fungal metabolites that are structurally diverse. Yet they are common contaminants of the ingredients in animal feed and human food.

To date, mycotoxins with carcinogenic potency in experimental animal models include aflatoxins, sterigmatocystin, ochratoxin, fumonisins, zearrale none, and some penicillium toxins.

In one 1993 study, researchers examined human breast cancer tissue for evidence of the presence of aflatoxin, a recognized potent carcinogenic mycootoxin found in inferior peanut butter and other nut and dairy products.

According to an online website, "The researchers examined human DNA from a variety of tissues and organs to identify and quantify aflatoxin DNA-adducts. Such adducts are considered to be proof of the mycotoxin's presence in a particular tissue."

Their finding? "Tumor tissues had higher aflatoxin-adduct levels than did normal tissue from the same individual."

The result of this study is that it verifies the presence of carcinogenic aflatoxin within the cancer tissue and thus implicates aflatoxin as a cause of breast cancer. But there is so much more evidence.

The fungally derived drug cyclosporin is actually considered to be a mycotoxin, the byproduct of fungi. In 1990, researchers reported completely new malignant tumors occurring at a high rate among renal transplant recipients who were immunosuppressed with cyclosporin.

Other investigators reported in 1995 the occurrence of breast cancer as a complication of cyclosporin use in their series of kidney transplant recipients.


A French case-control study of 1,010 breast cancer cases, and 1,950 controls with nonmalignant disease, found breast cancer to be associated with increased frequency of mold-fermented cheese consumption.

Weddellite (calcium oxalate) crystals are present in calcifications found in the breast tissue of patients with breast cancer. Calcium oxalate crystals are formed when calcium binds with oxalic acid. Oxalic acid happens to be a mycotoxin that can be produced by a number of different fungal species. Some fungi produce such large amounts of oxalic acid that they are used for commercial production of chemicals. Aspergillus niger fungal infection in human lungs produces large amounts of oxalic acid.

HOW DO YOU RECOGNIZE A FUNGAL PROBLEM? The most common symptoms are vaginal yeast infections, sinus problems, digestive problems like heartburn, headaches, itchy scalp, ringing in the ears, sore joints, athlete's foot, jock itch and even high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and blood sugar ratings that are out of whack.

Weight gain is very common in yeast overgrowth. Our bodies create pounds of fluid retention in an attempt to dilute the inflammatory toxins that yeast produces. Over time, tissue toxins and fluid build up lead to cellulite and weight gain. The gas produced by yeast can cause abdominal bloating that can increase your waist size up to 6 inches from one meal to the next.

Where’s the Cure?
Unfortunately, the treatment for yeast does not lie in a pill, as many women have learned. Even if your doctor is one of the few who does recognize yeast overgrowth, the most common treatment recommended is a week or two of antifungal medications. Most doctors don’t understand that yeast overgrowth requires much more.

• Diet: avoid sugar, wheat and dairy as well as fermented foods, and alcohol.
• Probiotics, (good bacteria)
• Antifungal supplements: garlic (eat one or two cloves a day), oil of oregano (take 2-3 capsules per day) and grapefruit seed extract (take two to three capsules per day) or take a formula that also includes caprylic acid, pau D’Arco, and others.
• Exercise every day, at least 30 minutes, to move the lymph circulation that clears toxins from the body.
• De-stress with prayer, meditation, breathing exercises, and/or yoga to reduce the amount of natural cortisol that stimulates yeast overgrowth.

BE A SMART SHOPPER. Purchase only certified organic or natural (raised without hormones) beef products. Buy peanuts and nut butters from quality companies; companies such as Arrowhead Mills have a reputation for producing aflatoxin-free peanut butter. We recommend certified organic dairy products whenever possible. Good brands that closely monitor such levels are Horizon, Alta-Dena, and Organic Valley. But there are other excellent companies, too, on the shelves of your local health food store.

REMOVE INDOOR MOLD. Many homes today are mold infested due to flooding, storms and other weather events. Be sure to use a proven indoor air filter.

It is mainly through diet and lifestyle change that you can overcome yeast overgrowth—but you can overcome it and reduce the amount of inflammation in your life with some effort and support.
January Menopause Recipe: African Peanut Soup.
January Bath and Body Recipe: Easy Natural Body Care Products.
January Exercise Tip: Chair Exercises.



Diosgenin cream ingredients | Benefits diosgenin cream | How to use diosgenin cream.  |  Return to Eden Diosgenin (nicknamed Progesterone) Cream.

Do you remember our newsletter last year detailing how Wyeth Pharmaceuticals was attempting to stop compounding pharmacists from prescribing natural progesterone (diosgenin) after their profits fell by more than 57%  from $2.07 billion in 2003 to $800 million in 2004 (after the WHI study had to be stopped)?

Well, now they have gone after centers like ours making complaints to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).  The FTC's position backed by the big pharmaceutical companies is that Dr. John Lee, M.D.'s studies were not scientific and did not rise to the standard of FDA and National Institutes of Health studies, and that our claims about natural progesterone are false, unfair, deceptive, misleading advertising in violation of the law..

 (Please read what Dr. Helen Pensanti M.D. has to say about this. Read on to how the study was conducted.)  

This is an attempt to force women into taking unsafe proven cancer causing synthetic hormones using your tax dollar to harass natural hormone suppliers. We here at the Women's Menopause Health Center refuse to take away your choice of a healthy alternative to Premarin, Prempro and the other dangerous drugs. We are taking a stand against this heavy handed attempt to destroy competition. We are going to fight for your choice of a healthy way to get through menopause comfortably and safely.

(Ed. note: This was from our newsletter last year. The continued harassment by the FTC has caused us to discontinue our wonderful product.  Do not be forced into taking something that can kill you. You may purchase safe progesterone cream at your local health food store, or find it a lot less expensively on line at places like ebay and yahoo stores. Do not let these heavy handed tactics destroy your health!)


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