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  "Is something wrong?"

"Am I losing my mind?" "WHAT is going on?"

Pre menopause symptoms & signs - pre menopause symptoms experienced in early menopause women - can be very confusing and unnerving.

These early pre menopause symptoms are a completely new experience and often begin years before menopause. These pre menopause symptoms can sneak up mildly and infrequently, when women least expect them.

Women at the beginning of the pre menopause symptoms phase feel uncomfortable and out of sorts, without yet correlating their symptoms to peri menopause.

A cat food commercial reduces the peri menopause woman to tears. A friend or husbandís sideways glance or offhand comment spurs a heated argument. PMS-type mood swings and bloating seem to take up the majority instead of the minority of the month. In the 20/20 vision of hindsight, women solidly beyond pre menopause easily identify these pre menopause symptoms as the beginning of the menopause process. For the novice new to pre menopause symptoms, not knowing the cause is disconcerting.

Pre menopause, often referred to as peri menopause, is the time before menopause actually takes place. Pre menopause symptoms typically begin between 35 and 45.

Because the pre menopause symptoms occur gradually over an extended period of time, many women in this stage often discount the pre menopause symptoms or blame the pre menopause symptoms on other health conditions or external issues.

Many women report taking numerous trips to the doctorís office before both they and their health care provider link the signs to pre menopause symptoms.

Women might feel relieved to find a name to hang their aches and ails on. They are not going crazy. They are not a hypochondriac or dying of some unidentifiable disease but the thought of entering menopause is not exactly comforting.

Another issue with pre menopause symptoms is that it is not as widely discussed as menopause, even though many women experience more pre menopause symptoms during this early phase than after menopause.

Many clinicians and everyday people alike believe that pre menopause symptoms are often worse than the actual, shorter-lived menopause phase.

A small percent of women go through this transition period with few pre menopause symptoms. Their periods stop, they have a few bouts of hot flashes and that is that. Women at the other end of the scale experience intense symptoms that dramatically alter their lives.
The first pre menopause symptoms women typically experience are changes in their monthly cycle. Menstrual cycles may shorten or lengthen by a couple days. Periods might be lighter or heavier. Women might skip their periods for a month or more.

Hot flashes are another of the most common pre menopause symptoms and can begin before women notice changes in their monthly cycle. Again, these hot flashes often start out mild and women can discounted these, especially if there are no signs of other pre menopause symptoms.

  • Changes in menstrual cycles.
  • Hot flashes.
  • Mood swings and generally unstable or erratic behavior.
  • Irritability, anxiety, depression, frustration.
  • Fatigue.
  • Increasing vaginal dryness, itching, discomfort.
  • Breast tenderness.
  • Painful sexual intercourse.
  • Decreased libido.
  • Urinary tract changes.

(Were you aware that something as simple as irregularity can mimic pre menopause symptoms? Be sure to read our archived newsletter on the subject of menopause symptoms caused by irregularity.)

Each month can bring on a new set of pre menopause symptoms. One month women might feel like jumping out of their skin. Another month they find themselves in bed crying half the morning. Muscles and joints might ache for no apparent reason. Some days the mental "fog" hangs.

These mild changes increase as women enter their 40s, with women typically entering menopause in their mid-40s and early 50s.

These pre menopause symptoms occur as the bodyís estrogen and progestin producing abilities wane to bring women out of their childbearing years. The declining and fluctuating hormone levels are the culprit of most of the pre menopause symptoms.

Pre menopause symptoms are a hint of things to come. For a detailed account of these symptoms, see "Menopause Symptoms."

Menopause is a process. It begins quietly with a few pre menopause symptoms, but can become quite loud at its menopause peak. Eventually, the body calms back down in post menopause.
Think of the menopause process as an internal argument brewing in the body. One side wants the status quo of reproductive years and the other wants change. The minor bickering between the sides escalates to full-scale fighting before one side wins, the other concedes and peace returns. Of course, the side that wants change always wins but that does not stop status quo from putting up a good fight.

In some women, these two sides reach agreement quickly with few casualties. Other women have more stubborn conflicts.

Physicians place peri menopause as the period of time three to four years before menopause but, pre menopause symptoms can actually begin much earlier - up to 15 years earlier in rare occasions. Typically, the later pre menopause symptoms begin, the shorter the transition to menopause.

The best way to resolve this internal hormone conflict is to bring in a mediator - and the sooner the better. Beginning natural hormone replacement therapy at the onset of pre menopause symptoms brings a quicker and quieter resolution.

It is important to note that thyroid irregularities and diabetes are medical conditions commonly seen during the pre menopause years and can mimic pre menopause symptoms. Women experiencing pre menopause symptoms should have thyroid and diabetes testing to rule these conditions out.


Perimenopause Pregnancy | Perimenopause Treatment | Depression Perimenopause | Perimenopause Weight Gain | Perimenopause Anti-Aging. | Perimenopause Symptoms  | Perimenopause and Thyroid.


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